Invest with us! 

For Realtors

Have you ever lost a sale or listing to one of the new ibuyer companies? This is a trend that is increasing in popularity with over 50% of home sellers admitting to receiving an offer from an instant home buyer. 

Black Rock Flips has a solution for the realtors in the Las Vegas Valley.


Here is how is works: 

  • Realtor contacts Black Rock Flips for offer on potential listing, pocket listing or any other MLS listing.

  • Black Rock Flips makes a qualified, no obligation offer which can be added to listing presentation.

  • If the seller accepts our offer, realtor will represent Black Rock Flips as buyers agent. 

  • Home will be rehabbed by Black Rock Flips.

  • Realtor bringing the offer to Black Rock Flips will then received the listing of rehabbed home with full 6% commission. 


This a win/win for the agent involved by having a partner in the instant buyer market. If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us by email at or by phone 877-702-BUYS  Call now!!